Friday, 7 August 2015

GANG MOD - Ecig Mod Review - Fumi Vapor

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I Received this item to Review my views are my views alone, I have never worked for a company i have reviewed a product for.

The Gangmod vaporizer is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. Featuring an interactive TFT large color display screen that shows battery life, power/voltage settings, time, Puff Counter has all the information you need at your knuckletips. Packing a unique punch with special modes and functionality such as: Sleep mode, Button lock (Refer to manual for Function steps), and a daily puff limiter. Available in a nickel plated or matte black finish and 3 collectible interchangeable CNC engraved plate designs that are included with your purchase.
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Imagine a world free of combustible tobacco, where vaping runs free on the streets of every major city on the planet. Like a Street Art masterpiece of color, shape, and emotion – an evolution of artistic purpose, driven by the desire for Life-Unity-Prosperity
We believe that Vaping is an art form. Our vision is to lead an international Street Vaping culture by supporting artists and vapers across the globe. While our roots are in America, our inspiration comes from our Japanese vapers who have taken the Street Vaping movement to epic levels. At GANG MOD we believe that vaping is artistic expression and art is the celebration of life, therefore…


We knew it wasn’t enough to just produce another vape brand that looked good on the surface. To carry our vision through, we knew we had to create a purpose driven company with a vaporizer that stood for something meaningful and that would also send a positive message to tobacco smokers worldwide.
Enter – the Gang Mod, a street art design which embodies essence of $treet Vaping culture – strength and our commitment to Life-Unity- Prosperity for all vapers across the globe. The Gang Mod represents something that goes beyond our immediate vaping community. It also sends a visual message to society for our stance on tobacco smoking



On November 1st, 2014, ideas, sketches, and thoughts coalesced into our purpose. We were inspired by street art and the energy behind it. Raw. Real. Sexy. Edgy. Always pushing the limits. We saw no line between our vision and this art form, so creating a “Street Vaping” brand to represent an exploding international vaping community was natural and meant to be.
We took the vision to the next step by designing a product, brand, and lifestyle with a message unlike any other before its time. This passion is reflected in every single aspect of the Gang Mod culture – the artwork on the magnetic plates, the color and weight of the vaporizer, the international appeal, the kinetic branding, had to be
LOUD, SEXY, EDGY, and RELENTLESS – a reflection of life.
It is our firm belief that the next five years will see a paradigm shift in the way our global society interacts and in how we choose to connect. We envision the burgeoning GANG MOD movement as a key element in this shift. Uniting vapers around the world through awareness, art and a passion to live loud.
Our desire is to awaken vapers in every country on the planet. We want to see vaping in the streets of your city, then in every rural community until the undeniable spirit of vaping is realized. We want to turn what it means to be in a gang upside down.
Envision a gang of vaping enthusiasts overcoming the mental barriers that hold us back today through this vision of unity and prosperity for all. MOD EMPIRE will continue to advance the evolution of smoking to vaping by designing products that inspire and instill a passion for living.
We will push the boundaries of technology to ensure that our products move the hearts and minds of our fellow vapers. Our love for life and art will be the catalyst for the RISE OF VAPE that generations will appreciate for centuries to come. - use Discount Code GREENGANG10 




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