Sunday, 14 February 2016

blu PLUS Charge Kit - Review

Item sent to me for a review my opinion is my own and is not influenced by anyone, as i do not get paid by any company i can say what i want about the product
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A vaper on the go, no problem the bluPlus Charge Kit will ensure you are never without a charged battery. With a charging capacity that will charge your batteries 6 times before it has to be charged you will never be caught short. The blue light indicator on the side of the pack will flash each time you put a battery on charge, if the blue light on the side flashes three times this means there are three charges left in the case. If you are caught short without a charged battery, no problem, the case will charge your battery in 30 minutes. Once ready for a new cartridge you’ve got four other great tasting flavours to explore – including menthol, fruit and sweet treats. Just one of the benefits of switching to e-cigs.


Using your blu Plus Slide Kit is simple. Attach a blu flavour refill to the battery, take a drag and enjoy. Charge up your battery via USB.

  • 300 puffs per cartridge
  • Durable stainless steel battery with soft-touch coating
  • Slim, stylish carry case
  • Smooth taste that will satisfy smokers
  • No tobacco-smoke, no tar, no lingering smell


1 x blu PLUS+™ Slide Kit 
Stylish charge cover protecting your e-cig.
1 x blu PLUS+™ USB charging cable
Your case battery lasts AGES. But when you do need to recharge, just plug in.
2 x blu PLUS+™ batteries
These beauties charge away in your case. Sneaky.
2 x blu PLUS+™ Classic Flavour flavour cartridges (18 mg/ml)

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