Wednesday, 21 August 2013

8 weeks on and bit of e-cig info

8 weeks as of today (21st August 2013) I've not even wanted a 'real Cig.. I love these e-cigs and vaping like a champion. Lol

Instead of burning tobacco, battery-powered e-cigs heat up a flavored liquid, which delivers a dose of nicotine in a cloud of scentless water vapor. The products - which mimic the function of a cigarette without the odor and ash - have picked up steam in recent years, a result of celebrity endorsements and the fact that, for smokers trying to put down the Marlboros, they have done the job. Electronic cigarettes are projected to become a billion (£-$) industry this year


  1. Are you paying over $5 / pack of cigs? I buy my cigs at Duty Free Depot and I'm saving over 70%.

  2. I got my first electronic cigarette kit off of VaporFi, and I think its the best kit.